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Polish Mail

They came after a visit to KY. LOL Seems Ky needed some color inspiration.

These are amazing I know I can not find anything like this in local stores here. They are just as much as the high priced polish in our stores here. $9.00 but oh so much better. The name of that green I bought is Dragons Breath. It is a green that is also a gold. It is a thermal and that means is changes color depending on temperature of my body.  So main part of nail stays gold on me and if I put fingers in front of AC the tips turn green. So cool. In winter these will be all green I am sure on me outside maybe inside too. LOL  I have included a picture of my very fast manicure of this polish.  I had to get out the door so just slathered it on real fast.  There is a fine gold glitter to this also.  It really smooth to put on and too me 3 coats but as I said I rushed and probably did not mix bottle enough. It was a stand up nail paint job.

Now the packaging of these was very well done. They came in a small box with packing peanuts and each bottle was wrapped in thing Styrofoam and then put into a nice organza bag and tied with ribbon.

Oh another thing about the Dragons Breath. If you put it on a solid color base it will fix the shifting color. Give the polish a whole new look.  I will be buying more of this and these polishes.  Here is the link to her Etsy shop.  Exotic Lacquers

Here is the picture of packing and my nails.