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My Vapid order is in

Oh my what a difference in my manicure. I put an order in with Vapid But I also was able to get some Dream Polish Top Coat in one of the summer scents not being sold anymore.

So my order from Vapid was 4 items total. One was their base coat All About That Base, I have heard lots of good about it and I am backing it up now. It works I was having peeling issues with my CVS Pop base which is a 3 in 1. My polish was peeling off. Not anymore I am happy to say. This mani has now lasted 6 days no peeling or chipping and no fixing.

Polishes I bought were three from Vapids Fall release. Spider and the Fly which is the picture and Weaponized. Those were full size. Vapid also has a smeduim size and I bought Stressed Out. Heads up restock planned for end of Oct.



New Polish buy

It is fall and I needed some new polishes for the season. I got two new ones from Exotic Lacquers the one I tried first is called Fantasy Harvest.  This is the first for me once again for it is listed as a jelly copper base with green glitter and silver mircos. I can not remember what the correct listing description is but that is very close.  It is coppery orange and yes you see the glitter green in it. It is a bit more textured than the other polishes I have but for one old one which is from Milan and is a glitter polish. The other is another thermal and I will do another post when I try it out.

For fall this is a great color and will go with lots of outfits.  It is a first in this color spectrum for me too. I will be buying it again or another like it to replace it. My top coat this time is Sally Hansen Insta Dry. My old top coat was just not cutting it so I bought a fast fix. It works real well. I have Dream Polish top coat coming in from another person who did not want her summer scents. So Hawaiian Orchid will be here by end of week.  I am not a fan of fruit scent but love my citrus fruit scents and with a mix of floral i am sure it will be just right. Unfortunately they are not carrying it right now which is why I had to wait on someone else to sell overstock from summer.

On another note I also bought Sally Hansen No More Mistakes Manicure Clean up Pen.  I really like it and it comes with extra tips. I just need better lighting and better space to do my nails. Picture shows how bad a job this was with new polish. It was taken outside right after top coat applied.  I have done some clean up not but need fixing since I has to work my animals and it was still damp under top coat. That Insta Dry really saved me this time.

I have another order coming in from Vapid too. Two of their Fall release and their base coat. Just a note I have had an issue with Vapid staying on my Pop arrizzi base coat. I do not blame the polish but i do blame the base coat. It is a 3 in 1 which means it really does not do any of them that well. I have not had problems with Exotic Lacquers sticking to it but every other polish I have they just peel off after a few day in one sheet. Base coat and all. So I have have on order Vapids ALL About That Base which I have heard nothing but great reviews on.

Remember this is not a good picture of this polish. Like most Indie polishes they do not truely show their beauty in photos. This was afternoon sun and before clean up.



Picture of Vapids Wine O’Clock


Is it not lovely. It goes on nice and easy. This was just one coat no top coat I was waiting to do next coat.  Since I was trying to figure out if I wanted to do an accent finger or not. This is dry it was right before I did next coat.

Something I have learned is room fan causes some bubbles for me. Every Mani I have done in the past month I have had bubble issues with at least one finger.  Always a different one too never the same one. So I asked and was answered on one of my facebook nail groups. I have a stand room fan always going and Yes I was using it to help dry my nails some. Just as I past in in room but it was enough to cause problem.  One this mani it turned out to be the thumb in this picture.  It does not bubble up till next day on me. So this is after all coats are on and top coat.  I still have to buy new top coat and another type of base. That is on the list for another Vapid Lacquers order at end of month.

I think next order for me will be a Nail Art mat, stamping plate and stamper. Ali express has a Fairy mat set that looks like a good start for me. My goal is Uber Chic Beauty mats , plates and stamper the XL. But that will have to wait till bills are paid I think who knows I might just splurge a little and buy a plate because I need it for work.  Remember I am a pro pet groomer and so I am searching for dog nail stamp plates. I know they have one but would like a bit cheaper right now since money so tight.

There are a few thing I need to buy to do a clean manicure. Need clean up brush, more acetone plus want a dispenser in stead of bottle that way no spills.  Need a cotton claw and more cotton for clean up. Right now a have scissor forceps which works OK but since it’s only hold a cotton ball in one small area you can’t scrub real well with it and don’t have good control. More on this later. Here is another picture on Wine O’Clock.



It’s nail polish time

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a year since last post but that will change as of today. I am going back to work as a pro pet groomer and will be updating this blog about products that make the cut.  Grooming is a hot sweaty job loaded with dirty hair. Makeup has to make it threw the day. Which is hard for most.  But today starts a Nail Polish reviews as that is now what i am looking for most.

We all have the dreaded chip nails. I will go over all the products that have helped me avoid or prevent for time that problem. Years ago I could not get polish to last past day 2 with out chipping.  There was a step that I left out and is critical called Base Coat. Yes, it make that big of a difference. If you have ever gone to the salon and had your nails done for a Natural manicure you get a good view of right nail polish procedures.  Three different coats go on the nail base, primary and top. These are all needed and you can’t skimp on it I have tried.  Base coat helps polish adhere to your nail way better than without.  Topcoat dries fast so you are less likely to smear polish but it also gives a shine.  Now since I last was putting on polish some new things are out there. Gel and much better lacquers and nail wraps. I will cover alot here as the biggies for me now are the INDIE companies.

What are Indie companies you might ask. Well, they are the homemade mom shops for makeup products. Remember I posted about Meow Cosmetics that is and Indie company. Yes, I am still wearing them and love them.  Now there are nail products also. I knew of the make up and soap as I make soap but did not know of the nail polish.  Let me tell you these people are alchemists or chemists which ever term you prefer.  Just look on Youtube on how to make your own Indie polish and you will know what I mean.  I am not doing it so kudos to those that do.

So my first foray into the world of nails this time had me contacting a friend who was selling nail wraps. Which then led me to the Indie nail polish world. The wraps I will do latter this is all about Polish.  So there are tons of Indie polish makers and most are 3 to 5 free of all those nasty chemicals that harm us threw commercial polishes.  There is even a gal that is specializing in just the treatments of base, top and cuticle oil all scented.  I know right who knew it did not have to smell nasty.  That company is called Dream Polish and here is link Dream Polish .   I have Not order yet from them but all reports are they are the go to for those base and top coats and oil.

Anyway, I was looking for a good deep green. Forest type as new grooming shop is using that as one of their two colors.  Nothing local was to be had so I asked online on facebook. BTW there are some good facebook groups just on nail art.  I also came across a couple of good nail polish reviewers on You tube. There went my data plan.  But it all led me to Exotic Lacquers out of Tx. Link is her Etsy store she is on facebook too. OMG color changing nail polish that was new to me.  She does it real nice too. I have ordered two of her polishes. Got the last one of her Midnight Cowboy and one of her green thermals. I will have pictures and reviews next time am waiting on them now should be here today.

If you are into Glitter, holographic, shimmer ect in nail polish Indie is the way to go for sure.  I will be buying and covering those that I do here in the next couple of week so stay tuned lots more to come. Pictured below is Midnight Cowboy it is a picture of a buyer from her site. This is to be in the fall line up and was a pre release I bought.