It’s a lovely Fall Sunday

I just put in a few links. Most I have mentioned and I will be adding more.

Today topic is a book I have called Color Me Beautiful by Mary Spillane and Christine Sherlock.  New book is out in 2011 by Carole Jackson, she also has one out for men.  For all of you tying to figure out you color pallet and skin tone Get this book. But if you are one of our sisters of color you might want to try I’d suggest “Women of Color” by Darlene Mathis.   Color Me Beautiful  made my life easier when it came out. There are a few issues out since I bought it. Here is their website

They have their own makeup brand But this is way beyond that. I know of them as the color of skin to wardrobe matcher not for their makeup.  They put you in a season category. Now I know some have said this whole thing does not work. But I find it holds true.  I am classified as a Winter. Book show a color pallet for each season and what colors look best. Has all sorts of great tips for buying clothes and makeup and jewelry. Again they are suggestions and you can take what you want. Me I do not do pastels only the true clear colors for clothes. They break down each season into three to four section depending on season. Like for me in Winter we have Deep, Cool and Clear. For Spring it is clear, light and warm.  Summer is light,cool, and soft. Autumn is soft, warm, and deep.  Each one of these has its own color pallet.

This book I have covers alot of areas. From color of your skin and the pallet that looks great with it to wardrobe, hair body style face shapes ect. I do Not know if new books are as extensive as this first one is but I would hope they are as it is a good book for those needing this kind of information.

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