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Picture of Vapids Wine O’Clock


Is it not lovely. It goes on nice and easy. This was just one coat no top coat I was waiting to do next coat.  Since I was trying to figure out if I wanted to do an accent finger or not. This is dry it was right before I did next coat.

Something I have learned is room fan causes some bubbles for me. Every Mani I have done in the past month I have had bubble issues with at least one finger.  Always a different one too never the same one. So I asked and was answered on one of my facebook nail groups. I have a stand room fan always going and Yes I was using it to help dry my nails some. Just as I past in in room but it was enough to cause problem.  One this mani it turned out to be the thumb in this picture.  It does not bubble up till next day on me. So this is after all coats are on and top coat.  I still have to buy new top coat and another type of base. That is on the list for another Vapid Lacquers order at end of month.

I think next order for me will be a Nail Art mat, stamping plate and stamper. Ali express has a Fairy mat set that looks like a good start for me. My goal is Uber Chic Beauty mats , plates and stamper the XL. But that will have to wait till bills are paid I think who knows I might just splurge a little and buy a plate because I need it for work.  Remember I am a pro pet groomer and so I am searching for dog nail stamp plates. I know they have one but would like a bit cheaper right now since money so tight.

There are a few thing I need to buy to do a clean manicure. Need clean up brush, more acetone plus want a dispenser in stead of bottle that way no spills.  Need a cotton claw and more cotton for clean up. Right now a have scissor forceps which works OK but since it’s only hold a cotton ball in one small area you can’t scrub real well with it and don’t have good control. More on this later. Here is another picture on Wine O’Clock.




Vapid mail in.

Got some new polish from Vapid, again down in Tx. Hmm those ladies down their make some real nice polish.

First a little update on Exotic manicure. I still have it on and it is still looking good. I have had a couple of chips that I repaired But I run a farm so I expected that. But nothing like the old days with salon polish. Now on to review.

Vapid I found threw Facebook and their group call Vapicorns.  Here is the selling site link. Vapid

Heads up they are releasing a New Fall line on Sept 25. You can find information on their facebook sell page here Vapid Lacquer on facebook

My order was for 3 polishes a white Optimist, a black Pessimist and a red Wine O’Clock.  Plus their version of latex called Cat Suit. I used both Optimist and Pessimist in a manicure and I really like them. Pessimist does not need a top coat it is that Shiny. I have a picture of it with Cat Suit on a nail.  I ended up topping it with Exotic Lacquers Dragon Breath to set the thermal change to green. It is so lovely those two together.  No chips at on on that as it was a ring finger.

I really like the Cat Suit. Goes on grey and dries black. No guessing there when ready. She has another Latex too in another color in case you do not like black. For me it was a cat thing LOL.  But I have never used latex before that is all new to me and feels like cheating. But it is so nice to have now and make clean up easy.  Watch some videos on it for if you do multiple coats you will need to change it between coats so you don’t have more taken off.  Videos cover that for you.

Vapid line covers a few areas. Base and top coats and bath products too as well as nail care products. If you are like me and oil is an issue, I spill it with animals around, she has a cuticle product that is not a liquid oil called Nail Sauce.  I will be getting that and some of her fall line when it comes out plus base and top coats.  Base does not yellow and top does not shrink.

Packaging is really nice and you get a few gifts too. One is a small package of candy the other a little animal. I also got the angry Unicorn sticker as a first time order. She sells those on her site.  Shipping this time did not take a detour so was fast.  Love the way polish was packed in bubble wrap. Polish is very smooth and does coat in one coat for me. Picture of Pessimist is one coat there. One below that shows bottles which are square. Brushes are nice and tops are easy to handle.

Well, I am off to play with Wine O’clock now. Have a great day all.



Polish Mail

They came after a visit to KY. LOL Seems Ky needed some color inspiration.

These are amazing I know I can not find anything like this in local stores here. They are just as much as the high priced polish in our stores here. $9.00 but oh so much better. The name of that green I bought is Dragons Breath. It is a green that is also a gold. It is a thermal and that means is changes color depending on temperature of my body.  So main part of nail stays gold on me and if I put fingers in front of AC the tips turn green. So cool. In winter these will be all green I am sure on me outside maybe inside too. LOL  I have included a picture of my very fast manicure of this polish.  I had to get out the door so just slathered it on real fast.  There is a fine gold glitter to this also.  It really smooth to put on and too me 3 coats but as I said I rushed and probably did not mix bottle enough. It was a stand up nail paint job.

Now the packaging of these was very well done. They came in a small box with packing peanuts and each bottle was wrapped in thing Styrofoam and then put into a nice organza bag and tied with ribbon.

Oh another thing about the Dragons Breath. If you put it on a solid color base it will fix the shifting color. Give the polish a whole new look.  I will be buying more of this and these polishes.  Here is the link to her Etsy shop.  Exotic Lacquers

Here is the picture of packing and my nails.