It’s nail polish time

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a year since last post but that will change as of today. I am going back to work as a pro pet groomer and will be updating this blog about products that make the cut.  Grooming is a hot sweaty job loaded with dirty hair. Makeup has to make it threw the day. Which is hard for most.  But today starts a Nail Polish reviews as that is now what i am looking for most.

We all have the dreaded chip nails. I will go over all the products that have helped me avoid or prevent for time that problem. Years ago I could not get polish to last past day 2 with out chipping.  There was a step that I left out and is critical called Base Coat. Yes, it make that big of a difference. If you have ever gone to the salon and had your nails done for a Natural manicure you get a good view of right nail polish procedures.  Three different coats go on the nail base, primary and top. These are all needed and you can’t skimp on it I have tried.  Base coat helps polish adhere to your nail way better than without.  Topcoat dries fast so you are less likely to smear polish but it also gives a shine.  Now since I last was putting on polish some new things are out there. Gel and much better lacquers and nail wraps. I will cover alot here as the biggies for me now are the INDIE companies.

What are Indie companies you might ask. Well, they are the homemade mom shops for makeup products. Remember I posted about Meow Cosmetics that is and Indie company. Yes, I am still wearing them and love them.  Now there are nail products also. I knew of the make up and soap as I make soap but did not know of the nail polish.  Let me tell you these people are alchemists or chemists which ever term you prefer.  Just look on Youtube on how to make your own Indie polish and you will know what I mean.  I am not doing it so kudos to those that do.

So my first foray into the world of nails this time had me contacting a friend who was selling nail wraps. Which then led me to the Indie nail polish world. The wraps I will do latter this is all about Polish.  So there are tons of Indie polish makers and most are 3 to 5 free of all those nasty chemicals that harm us threw commercial polishes.  There is even a gal that is specializing in just the treatments of base, top and cuticle oil all scented.  I know right who knew it did not have to smell nasty.  That company is called Dream Polish and here is link Dream Polish .   I have Not order yet from them but all reports are they are the go to for those base and top coats and oil.

Anyway, I was looking for a good deep green. Forest type as new grooming shop is using that as one of their two colors.  Nothing local was to be had so I asked online on facebook. BTW there are some good facebook groups just on nail art.  I also came across a couple of good nail polish reviewers on You tube. There went my data plan.  But it all led me to Exotic Lacquers out of Tx. Link is her Etsy store she is on facebook too. OMG color changing nail polish that was new to me.  She does it real nice too. I have ordered two of her polishes. Got the last one of her Midnight Cowboy and one of her green thermals. I will have pictures and reviews next time am waiting on them now should be here today.

If you are into Glitter, holographic, shimmer ect in nail polish Indie is the way to go for sure.  I will be buying and covering those that I do here in the next couple of week so stay tuned lots more to come. Pictured below is Midnight Cowboy it is a picture of a buyer from her site. This is to be in the fall line up and was a pre release I bought.




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