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still waiting

Well, polish has not arrived yet and that was my mistake thinking it had been shipped. So that will have to wait. But my Plexus did arrive and I have story to tell about it.

For those that have never heard of Plexus it is a vitamin and herbal company. Now I have an herbalist background threw my massage therapy schooling and later Herbalist schooling. Being as old as I am things are not working like they use too. Pain is a major factor most days and weight.  So hard to loose weight when you are older no matter how you eat or exercise. I have a good diet not so good on the exercises.

But lets take this story to the start and what happened to me. Last year I was in constant double hip pain. I have a water bed so that was not the problem but even in bed my hips hurt. Made sleeping really difficult as I had hard time laying on my side. I was taking Advile nightly sometime 4 at a time just so I could sleep. Now I am overweight and do have my back issues but this was all new pain.  So I spend time on facebook, who doesn’t right. and one of my dog friends, she owns the sister to my female, posted on Plexus a few times.  Never really paid attention till I start looking for a probiotic.

So while playing on the net I come across her post again and start looking into this company I had not heard of before.  Turns out they been around selling the At Home breast check kit.  But they got contacted by one of the top pain doctors in the USA to make some formulas he came up with that are based on Vitamins.

Anyway, I got talking with my friend on facebook about Plexus and that I was looking for a probiotic. She started Plexus for her son that has some issues and it was working great with him. Tells me the Plexus probiotic has a fungal in it also. That has not been done before and was something that would be great for me.  Remember I have a farm here and am a pet groomer.  Always getting fungal problems as a result. BUT there is another type of fungus that lives in our bodies that I did not know about and it causes the issues of Leaky Gut syndrome not too mention bloating and gas and other digestive issues. This one feeds on sugar too, so if you eat alot of sweets your feeding it. More later on that.

Ok so I am thinking this Probiotic is one I need. Fact that it is in pill form is atractive and it is at a real nice price. Most probiotics are in refrigerated liquid type form. The good one anyway and can cost $100.00 when prescribed by a doctor. Yes, there are GNC formulas but those sitting on shelves have been there a bit and lost there power.  Anyway, so I decided to give this a try along with the Cleanse.  Signed up as Ambassador to get cheapest price.

These were shipped and got here in two days. That was nice to say the least. You get 60 pills in a bottle and can take up to 4 a day of the probiotic.  The Cleanse is taken twice a day 2 pills each time before and in between meal. So first thing when I get up I take 2 after lunch sometime another two. Probio5 is taken at night before bed.

OK here is what makes Cleanse so important to me being in pain. Magnesium! That combined with Vitamin C is what makes this the must have pain breaker. What it also has is baking soda to help with gas and bloating. Does it work, YES. Turns out as we get older Magnesium is leached from our bodies and needs to be replaced daily. If your a soda drinker it is found that the carbonation in all those carbonated drinks can do it even faster. Now I knew of Potassium helping with muscle cramps and spasms and you need it also when older. But if you eat bananas you get it.  Unfortunately, I have developed a bad banana problem thanks to Dairy Queen sundae many years back. Bananas were green and gave me some real double over gas pains. Never was able to eat them after that till now.

I had been taken potassium pills as I said do to leg cramps. I stopped drinking any alcoholic beverages because they made leg cramps much worse. Really sucked trust me. Well, after taking Cleanse and the Probio 5 for a week I was out of pain in my hips TOTALLY. I was so amazed I was pouncing on bed. LOL Just ask my husband. 🙂

Since then I have tried more of their products. I find for me that I have to have those two so I can keep hips in check and sleep at night. That has evaded me since I went threw the big M. My bloating is way way down and gas is under control too.  I have lost inches and some pounds and dropped 3 pant sizes since last year.  Waist was 50 it is now 45. I did Not change eating habits that much but did start the Triplex which is the two I was already taking plus the Slim in the morning.

Doing this trio will really help clean your system of backup wast in your gut. It can be shocking when detox happens and rather noisy. Lots of bathroom time and loose stools. But when that passes OMG do you feel like a new person.  It is not really uncomfortable but you can’t help to notice it. When it stops you are able to feel how good you feel. Detox takes different length of times for each person. For me I went threw it more than once because I stopped taking Cleanse when it started. My bad forgot about detox symptoms. I also ran out of product and had to get more so I went threw 3 detoxes. Which was good for it was not so long but in short bursts. Otherwise it would have been two weeks I am sure.

Here is the link to MyPlexus.  Please look over everything there and if you have questions please ask. It is an amazing line of combinations of vitamins and minerals and herbals. If you tried to put it together your self it would cost 3x the amount that they charge. I tried to do it myself.

There are a ton of testimonies on Youtube and a few on the site also. It has been know and documented to help with pain in the forms of RA, pulled muscles, joint, chronic ect. Plexus has helped with sleep, nerves, bloat, gas,mood and overall energy. My husband who has had toenail fungus for years finally got rid of it by taking Plexus. He is now taking Slim to help him control his weight as he is a truck driver.

What Slim is and how it works. It is an herbal in powder form that you drink once a day. What is in it the fruit extract Garcinia Combogia, chromium,green coffee bean extract plus citric acid and stevia leaf for the natural sweetener. It works by help controlling your craving for sugar. I was made to help keep blood sugar better regulated for those on sugar pills. But its now found to help in craving control which in turn helps in diet and eating right.

So you can see why these three work so well together. Each has a part in the whole on the body. You will not find this in a store or on TV. Only by the ambassadors telling you about it. It is Not a get rich quick thing. It is a way to cut back on doctor visits for many things because you are replacing what you lost threw the years. You can get off some meds as you get your body in better balance. But just like anything good it takes time and effort. I see it a year later more so than I did at the start. I lost the pain first but not any weight or inches. That took mush longer after I went threw detox. It is not a cureall. But it is a balancer and booster. I have friends taking it that have gone threw cancer treatments. They are using it to boost their systems back up after Kemo.  Plexus is worth a look and try out. There is a Money back 60 day .  Try it for that long see what it can do for you if you are having any of the issues I mentioned.  You just order online and it is shipped direct to you from main. You do not need to ask me to order and deliver.  If you have questions though Please feel free to ask.  Here is my facebook link so you may reach me threw messenger Tamara FB

I can be reach easiest that way.  All for now Have a great week all.



It’s nail polish time

Hello Everyone,

I know it has been a year since last post but that will change as of today. I am going back to work as a pro pet groomer and will be updating this blog about products that make the cut.  Grooming is a hot sweaty job loaded with dirty hair. Makeup has to make it threw the day. Which is hard for most.  But today starts a Nail Polish reviews as that is now what i am looking for most.

We all have the dreaded chip nails. I will go over all the products that have helped me avoid or prevent for time that problem. Years ago I could not get polish to last past day 2 with out chipping.  There was a step that I left out and is critical called Base Coat. Yes, it make that big of a difference. If you have ever gone to the salon and had your nails done for a Natural manicure you get a good view of right nail polish procedures.  Three different coats go on the nail base, primary and top. These are all needed and you can’t skimp on it I have tried.  Base coat helps polish adhere to your nail way better than without.  Topcoat dries fast so you are less likely to smear polish but it also gives a shine.  Now since I last was putting on polish some new things are out there. Gel and much better lacquers and nail wraps. I will cover alot here as the biggies for me now are the INDIE companies.

What are Indie companies you might ask. Well, they are the homemade mom shops for makeup products. Remember I posted about Meow Cosmetics that is and Indie company. Yes, I am still wearing them and love them.  Now there are nail products also. I knew of the make up and soap as I make soap but did not know of the nail polish.  Let me tell you these people are alchemists or chemists which ever term you prefer.  Just look on Youtube on how to make your own Indie polish and you will know what I mean.  I am not doing it so kudos to those that do.

So my first foray into the world of nails this time had me contacting a friend who was selling nail wraps. Which then led me to the Indie nail polish world. The wraps I will do latter this is all about Polish.  So there are tons of Indie polish makers and most are 3 to 5 free of all those nasty chemicals that harm us threw commercial polishes.  There is even a gal that is specializing in just the treatments of base, top and cuticle oil all scented.  I know right who knew it did not have to smell nasty.  That company is called Dream Polish and here is link Dream Polish .   I have Not order yet from them but all reports are they are the go to for those base and top coats and oil.

Anyway, I was looking for a good deep green. Forest type as new grooming shop is using that as one of their two colors.  Nothing local was to be had so I asked online on facebook. BTW there are some good facebook groups just on nail art.  I also came across a couple of good nail polish reviewers on You tube. There went my data plan.  But it all led me to Exotic Lacquers out of Tx. Link is her Etsy store she is on facebook too. OMG color changing nail polish that was new to me.  She does it real nice too. I have ordered two of her polishes. Got the last one of her Midnight Cowboy and one of her green thermals. I will have pictures and reviews next time am waiting on them now should be here today.

If you are into Glitter, holographic, shimmer ect in nail polish Indie is the way to go for sure.  I will be buying and covering those that I do here in the next couple of week so stay tuned lots more to come. Pictured below is Midnight Cowboy it is a picture of a buyer from her site. This is to be in the fall line up and was a pre release I bought.