Makeup here

I got my Meow Cosmetics makeup in that had a Munckin order for the Sleek Ocicat foundation plus a full size primer for oily skin. I bought some more samples also. One Siamese in Purrfect in Sleek and a Flawless Ocicat in Pampered and a Frisky Ocicat in Purrfect.  I think I went to light with the Sleek because of my tanish skin. The Frisky works alot better.

I really like the Primer that Meow has for oily skin. It is a powder and seems to work alot better for me than the Cover FX primer. I wore it most of last evening with no real oily coming threw just enough to make me look good and give me a dewy look.  Meow is having a sale for last days of summer. It goes to 9/30/15 here is there link Meow Cosmetics

Today it is raining which means humidity which is not my friend in house. Trying to keep makeup on with wet weather can be a challange at best for those with good skin. But for us with oily skin it is a major problem.  Now we have Setting Sprays which seem to work real well. Loreal has one out that is getting some awesome reviews. I just bought it but have not yet had to try it. Might do that today.

In a future blog I will be talking about a herbal program that works real well on the inside to help clear your oily skin. So stay tuned.  If you have questions please ask always willing to help out if I can.


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