Some new some old

Well, today’s post will be old information with some new.  So far I am soso on the Cover FX.  It is sorta of holding back oil and keeping me matt. But I am still blotting within a couple of hours. I have tried it with both my Meow foundation and my old Clinque with same result.  Next will be to put it on heavier and put powder on top before foundation. If that does not work it will be a loss.

Now I was around when Retinol A came out. I was a preteen then and I remember the whole big thrill about it.  Guess what I hated that stuff. I was made to take a pill and put it on my face. It did not work for me and meds upset my stomach. Stuff is just plain nasty feeling oil based that made me fill sick to put it on my skin.  I am sure it was not oil based but it felt like it. My problem was not external and here is a hint Most acne is NOT external but it is internal and hormonal.  I also went to a Dermatologist and was put on antibiotics. Funny thing was it was not the Dermatologist that put me on the Retinol A but another doctor.  The antibiotics worked well but never stopped the oil production. Dermatologist wanted me to do a face peel, which I never did because I was in school and in sun every day. When you do a face peel you must stay out of sun. Now if you have bad acne going to a Dermatologist is the way to go.  Using the stuff over the counter is really no real help in the long run and much more costly.

I did the whole Clinque skin treatment thing along with their makeup. There skin program is good in that you get into a routine and it works to a point for that reason. But what I know now is that all the chemicals in the world only go so far and then stop working BECAUSE they are Chemicals. If you want a GREAT skin cleaner not harsh get handmade soap.

Us soap makers make soap for our skin for a reason. One is works way better than anything store bought because it has less stuff in it like detergents and preservatives and more stuff than I can name. Store bought soap does not have to list ingredients so you do not know what is in them unless you do some hard research. Handmade homemade soap will list ingredients and most have about 4 and that is it. Mine does besides the goat milk. Yes, I do sell it but no this is not an add for it. But if you want to try it just ask.  Now there are a few different types of handmade soap and depending on your skin will make a alot of difference on which you want to buy.

When I first started looking into handmade soap I bought from a few different people. Found out real fast not all soap is made the same and not all ingredients work for me. For those of us with oil skin Coconut oil is our friend, Olive oil is not our friend. I have bought the all veggi oil soaps from different people. For me and my skin they are the worst thing. Not too mention my bath tub since the melt fast. Now here is a fact not many know unless you are into soap. ALL soaps on the market but one have animals oils in them. That one is Castile which is Olive oil only based. One reason store bought last the way it does is because of those animal oils. But here is another little fact. Pig skin and our is about as close as it comes and their fat ( know it sounds icky but it is not) is just perfect for us in soap. Do to the fact of that closeness it makes the best soap for over active oil production skin for it does not clog our pores like Olive oil does.  It also makes one super hard bar of soap. But most of the time it is one of 4 or more ingredients which is great. I wish I new this when I was a kid. It could have saved me so much money and hassle.

One thing also you should know. Flawless makeup is not our friend either. Reason is it clogs pores real bad. Yes it covers up all our acne and scaring but it will also cause more to come. Which is why cleaning skin is so important and one reason I never wore alot of makeup growing up and threw life. I wore it in the corporate world but everyday life no not unless I was going out to dinner.

Now scrubs and masks are our major friends and a must. I do both most of the time I scrub first then put a mask on for deep clean. But I do Not do this every day. Maybe 3 times a week at most more 2 times a week or less. You can over do it. But if you have scarring then scrub is your friend for it can lessen the scars. Toner is a big help too there. Which as I said the Clinque system works good but I think you can do better by piecemealing your system together. What I do now is my own homemade soap, coconut goat milk lotion, Mint Julep scrub and mask. Love this stuff It is called Queen Helene Mint Julep Scrub and then there is one made for Mask. It has been around a while but I have only been using it a short time. If you have a problem with mint try Almond or Oatmeal based products.Mint-Julep-Masque-web Mint-Julep-Scrub-web



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