Today makeup fun

I went into our local Merle Norman Salon. Never walked into one before it was interesting. I had no makeup on as i was thinking heading up to Sephora in another county. We do not have one near us in our small town.  Anyway, it was as I said an interesting visit. Lady on first look at me nailed my skin tone as olive. I mentioned I was oily she thought I was much younger than I am and started to talk about oily skin keeping you young. Told her my age and it turns out I was older than her. LOL She thought I was at least 15 years young than her. Well, she matched me up to my neck. Not a bad match but not sure it is the closest I have had either.

You have to remember one thing even though I am olive I have a blue undertone with no pink whats so ever. But I also have high blood pressure so that tends to come threw.  She even mention I had no pink to me and put me in their Alabaster Beige. Not bad match but it shows a bit dark on me.  Then again my face is tan and neck is not at all. Makes blending it in a real PITA. I have to take my foundation way down because of that problem.

So now I am seeing if their lasting formula really works well with the powder. It is staying mostly matt just a bit of oil coming threw. Nothing like the Loreal True Match mineral foundation. It is staying well too not melting as of yet which is nice. It’s 3:45 pm and I got this put on around 11;15 am.  Usually by now True Match is an oily slick on my face. This is better than my old Clinque, which Clinque does not carry anymore which is why I am looking for new foundation.  I can not compare it yet to Meow Cosmetics since I am waiting on a full size of that yet with more samples.  BTW I have no idea what the price is for this foundation did not ask since I was not buying it just trying it out. But I did by a blush of the Lasting Cheekcolor and it was a whopping $17.00.  But if I remember right that is close to what I paid for my Clinque too.

Merle Norman has an interesting history. I suggest you look it up and read it. She started by making her own makeup that she franchised later on. I will go back and see if I can get just a tad shade lighter see if that works provided it doesn’t get more oily.  Right now I am please with it and how it is control my oily skin.

Merle Normal Lasting Foundation

Merle Normal Lasting Foundation


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