Hello Fall

What a beautiful day this first day of fall. I just recieved my order from Beautylish. My Cover FX and my Bioderma Sebium H20 is now here. These are both new products for me. The Cover FX is a Matte Primer and the Bioderma is a makeup remover. I usually just use a damp to wet washcloth to remove makeup but I found problems with eyeliner and mascara not coming off.  So hopefully this works for my eyes well.

Beautylish is a phone App all. They also sell products and have message boards.  When you sign up they give you a $10.00 off to place an order within 48 hours of signup.  Well, worth that to me. 🙂 The boards are a good read also. I have done a little posting but I am new to it too so. name on it is Tamara B.

I just got notice this morning that my new Meow Cosmetics order has been processed. If you do not know about this company please check them out. They are handmade Mineral cosmetics. Meow has the biggest foundation shade selection of any.  Meow Cosmetics   I really like them for my skin. They have a primer just for oily skin. Those of us with olive skin Meow has a whole line of olive based foundation called Ocicat. It works for me.

OK one reason I am now into Mineral makeup is because it has less garbage in it that cream and liquid foundations.  This means it will not cause as much acne and in most cases will cause no acne. It has been know to clear up skin for those that switch to it. Having been threw the whole gambit of type of foundation I am now working with this type.  More latter.


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